Thursday, March 31, 2011


DRUM CORPS WORLD - FREE Just received and email from Steve Vickers. DRUM CORPS WORLD will be switching over from newspaper to ON-LINE publication starting on May 2. IT'S FREE. If you are at all into Drum Corps you know Steve and his high quality publication. If it's Drum Corps for $1,000, I like Steve Vickers chances. Here's the link to sign up. It's Free.

Drum Corps World

Drum Corps World is going on-lin!!! The electronic age has arrived for Drum Corps World newspaper! After 39 years as a print publication, the Madison WI-based newspaper will begin a new era on May 2. The decision was not an easy one according to Publisher Steve Vickers. "I've looked into transitioning over the years, but it wasn't viable until recently. It has become increasingly difficult recently, given postage, printing and related costs continuing to escalate. We'll release our brand-new, on-line magazine in six weeks and it will have all the same features we've offered in the past, plus much more. And no longer will we be charging for a subscription," Vickers explained. Readers can have it delivered through their computer, phone or tablet. The final printed edition, mailed to subscribers on March 17, details the process Vickers went through to make the change. Revenue from current subscribers has made this possible, along with encouraging support from advertisers. Through an agreement with High Velocity Media, monthly issues will feature page-flip technology, the ability to vist Web site 'hot spots' easily and more varied content. The writing staff is being expanded and new graphics will update th look, along with an increase in the number of photographs. To sign up for a free subscription, go to and fill in your name, e-mail address, country and how you would like to receive Drum Corps World.